Equal Sized Souls


I don’t have to agree with your beliefs, your worldview, your actions to still deeply and genuinely want the very best for you and your life. Obviously there are many people in my life that would feel the same way about me…and I’m grateful. I cannot tell you what makes that possible inside of them…I can guess in certain cases – but I can tell you why that’s how things work inside of me. God.

My heart has been broken over the ongoing senseless disregard for life on this planet. The attack on Pulse was beyond comprehension. Horrible beyond measure. So are the ongoing persecutions of Christians around the globe…check out Voice of the Martyrs. Here in the U.S. there continues to be an all-out attack on the unborn (somewhere around 2,000 babies a day in the U.S. according to the CDC). And more atrocities around the globe that I couldn’t even begin to list. I know that all of the violence, all of the hate, all of the selfishness that ends in the destruction of life has to grieve God. Has to.

What do we do?

We live in a fallen world (Gen 6:5; Matt 15:19; Rom 1:14—2:16, 3:9–20) …which is part of the equation – a big part. And…God is still in control (Psalm 27:1, 46:1, 139:5-6)…why then the response that so many of us (me) feel? Lack of faith? Perhaps. Worn down and tired? Likely. Have we (the church) been given a new mission? Nope.

Love God, love others. (Matt 22:36-40)

What does that look like? Standing in line for hours to donate blood…feeding and caring for those standing in line…coming alongside those that have been marginalized, forgotten, thrown away…lovingly reaching out to those that can’t see the literal cliff that they are getting ready to go off of due to their actions and the very real and eternal associated consequences.

Loving the very person who wants to kill you (Luke 6:27)…part of doing that is to remember that they are an image bearer of Almighty God. They are precious to Him…they should be so to us. This is really hard…God may love them but their actions show them to be compete a-holes. Truth. When you try to make yourself into a god by ending life you are an a-hole. And…when as a believer you have in your possession the Gospel and don’t share it with those that you come into contact with…yep, you’re one too.

Another negative example are the people that would revel in the pain of others and sincerely celebrate death. It sickens me to think that many of these people claim to be part of the church…highly doubtful that they are if that’s what recent events has brought out in them. But, if they are (God, not me, knows their heart)…they need to repent and quick.

The message of the Cross and the Bible is one of love, forgiveness, reconciliation, and peace. (Matt 11:28-30; John 3:16; Acts 4:10-12) For the people who are deluded into thinking that our religion is no better than any others and that a reasonable interpretation of the Bible, in context, would condone the mass murder of humans doesn’t understand what the Bible actually says, teaches, and instructs for us to do as followers of Christ.

God calls us to proclaim His truth…to point a lost and dying world to the cross (their only hope – John 14:6)…to entreat them to repent of their sin (Acts 3:19) and trust in what God has done for them (Acts 4:12) and not what they might do for themselves (Isa 64:6). If we really love others we will do this…we will not be able to resist against doing this.

GBU – Rom 12:9

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