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Hurt people hurt people

***The following is in no way an attempt to diminish or discount the pain that anyone has ever undergone or continues to undergo in their individual life*** Beloved Christian – we have been called to live a life to the glory of GOD (Father, Son, Holy Spirit)…“we” are so often the thing that keeps that …

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Blessed be the mat carriers

People who know me and the three or four followers I have on social media (you know who you are) have heard me threaten to write a book for the past several years… “People Suck”, subtitle “…and, we’re all people”.  I am already working on a sequel to my unwritten masterpiece…  “Years suck too – …

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Mama Bear

We as a family recently had our matriarch (my Mom) transition to hospice after a hospital stay. This hospital stay was not her first but appears to now be her last. Due to HIPAA and the fact she still has enough strength to give me her famous backhand I won’t list all of the ailments …

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dug squirrel

I’m easily distracted…for those familiar with the movie Up…I am Dug – “Squirrel!”  In those very rare moments where I seem to have been forced to settle in and be still (Psalm 46:10) I am very thankful that God speaks to me (prayer, music, creation and most of all His Word).  I’ll admit that I …

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NOT “Goodbye”

The object of the Christian faith is the glory of GOD (Isaiah 43:6-7). That means absolutely nothing to an unbelieving world. I’m writing this the day after the largest mass shooting in the history of Texas and as of now the death toll stands at 26 lives that were taken…in a church. Predictably there is …

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