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Empty cup…empty tomb

I live for Easter…and because of it. Every year this season becomes more and more precious to me for what it represents. If you’ve visited here before you know that we’re big Ray Vanderlaan fans (RVL). We were blessed by an incredible message he delivered on the 5th cup (God’s wrath) as we prepare to …

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Still the heart

Okay, so I suffer from two prominent writing maladies – 1) I am not a writer; and, 2) if I was or had a scintilla of writing ability it has completely shut down at the moment…to which I must conclude I have the non-writer’s version of “writers-block”.  The following is a reprint…still applicable best I …

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Me, me, me, me, me

A running joke in my social circle is that I’m going to write a book titled, “People suck”…the reality is that it’s not funny. It’s true. Before I go further let me say that I include myself in this indictment and the subtitle would be “AND…we’re all people”. I have to admit that I’ve struggled …

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Alice in bloom

Anyone who has been in a military family, or moved around a bunch, has probably seen or heard the expression, “Bloom where you’re planted”. It’s a nice sentiment – a slightly nicer version of “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”. Those close to our family know that we recently said ‘see you later’ to …

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God has always been and will always be completely sovereign (Gen. 1:1)…in every meaning of that word. He is the ultimate power in and outside of the Universe – unchallenged Ruler of all things. When we as His children declare and speak of our ‘King’ it should, in our minds and hearts, cause our dials …

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