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Still the heart

Okay, so I suffer from two prominent writing maladies – 1) I am not a writer; and, 2) if I was or had a scintilla of writing ability it has completely shut down at the moment…to which I must conclude I have the non-writer’s version of “writers-block”.  The following is a reprint…still applicable best I …

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Me, me, me, me, me

A running joke in my social circle is that I’m going to write a book titled, “People suck”…the reality is that it’s not funny. It’s true. Before I go further let me say that I include myself in this indictment and the subtitle would be “AND…we’re all people”. I have to admit that I’ve struggled …

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Alice in bloom

Anyone who has been in a military family, or moved around a bunch, has probably seen or heard the expression, “Bloom where you’re planted”. It’s a nice sentiment – a slightly nicer version of “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”. Those close to our family know that we recently said ‘see you later’ to …

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God has always been and will always be completely sovereign (Gen. 1:1)…in every meaning of that word. He is the ultimate power in and outside of the Universe – unchallenged Ruler of all things. When we as His children declare and speak of our ‘King’ it should, in our minds and hearts, cause our dials …

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Identity = who someone is Vocationally I spend a good deal of my time around efforts that are focused on whether people are who they claim to be. It’s an interesting field of endeavor…after all, what makes us – us? In my experience people tend to see themselves, their identity, wrapped up in three things: …

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