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The freedom of dependence

How does the phrase, the freedom of dependence, strike you?  Perhaps it seems puzzling or even contradictory to you.  It is certainly counter cultural on the surface.  It may even be offensive to you and “anti-American.”  We live in a society that strongly promotes independence.  We are, after all, a country born out of a …

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That word may be the least favorite word heard by the parents of many teenagers. It usually comes with a certain sarcastic inflection, rolled eyes, and a turned back. There may not be a single word that causes more feelings of disrespect and anger. Those feelings are very understandable though they often cause an overreaction …

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The Last Christmas?

This year, our Christmas tree barely made it through Christmas day. So, it quickly landed in the tree graveyard in the vacant lot next door. But, most of the other Christmas decorations remain scattered throughout our rooms. So, I thought I’d take one last opportunity to reflect on Christmas. I really enjoyed Christmas this year, …

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Treasuring and Pondering

I hope your Christmas celebration left you with some wonderful memories to hold onto. Christmas memories can be some of the most treasured memories of our lives. Christmas can also leave us with many questions. Did Aunt Jeanne really like her gift or was she faking it? How am I going to lose these extra …

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Extraordinary faith in ordinary times

Well, another Christmas has come and gone. I hope for you and your family that it was one in which you were able to experience the true hope, love, joy, and peace that the coming of Messiah allows us to experience. Now, in the coming days, we begin to put away the Christmas decorations, exchange …

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