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Peace from…by…with GOD

Today we have arrived at the fourth and final Sunday of Advent. This means the coming of Messiah is near! The fourth candle of the advent wreath which we light today, is the candle of peace. This seems totally appropriate when we remember the prophet Isaiah’s words when he said that the future messiah would …

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Unstoppable Joy

Congratulations! We have made it to the third Sunday of the advent celebration. This is considered the halfway point of the four weeks of anticipating Jesus’ coming. We rejoice today because the coming of Messiah is closer than before. Hence, the third candle on the advent wreath which we light today is the candle of …

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A-Ω = ♥

Welcome to the second Sunday of advent. (See last week’s post if you need to catch up.) In most liturgical churches and many others, the second of four advent candles will be lit today. Last week’s candle was the candle of hope. Today’s candle is the candle of preparation. During this week, as we prepare …

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Real Hope…came, here, coming

In the Christian calendar, today is the first Sunday of the season of advent, a four week period celebrating the coming (advent means coming) of Jesus to earth. During the first week of this holy season, we are encouraged to focus on hope. That’s a tricky task given the common use of the word hope …

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