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Hurt people hurt people

***The following is in no way an attempt to diminish or discount the pain that anyone has ever undergone or continues to undergo in their individual life*** Beloved Christian – we have been called to live a life to the glory of GOD (Father, Son, Holy Spirit)…“we” are so often the thing that keeps that …

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Blessed be the mat carriers

People who know me and the three or four followers I have on social media (you know who you are) have heard me threaten to write a book for the past several years… “People Suck”, subtitle “…and, we’re all people”.  I am already working on a sequel to my unwritten masterpiece…  “Years suck too – …

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The freedom of dependence

How does the phrase, the freedom of dependence, strike you?  Perhaps it seems puzzling or even contradictory to you.  It is certainly counter cultural on the surface.  It may even be offensive to you and “anti-American.”  We live in a society that strongly promotes independence.  We are, after all, a country born out of a …

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That word may be the least favorite word heard by the parents of many teenagers. It usually comes with a certain sarcastic inflection, rolled eyes, and a turned back. There may not be a single word that causes more feelings of disrespect and anger. Those feelings are very understandable though they often cause an overreaction …

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Mama Bear

We as a family recently had our matriarch (my Mom) transition to hospice after a hospital stay. This hospital stay was not her first but appears to now be her last. Due to HIPAA and the fact she still has enough strength to give me her famous backhand I won’t list all of the ailments …

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