received a card?

If you received a “simply the church” card we prayed that you’d find your way here.

This ministry exists for one primary purpose and that is to glorify GOD.

We know that the term is “churchy”…glorify really just means “to put the focus on”.  So, that’s what we’re more committed to than anything else…putting the focus where it should be.

GOD does love you and if you’re reading this truth and taking it in for the very first time then we say Hallelujah!

You also have to know that because He loves us He will not allow for us to stay in a state where we can’t keep the focus on Him.  This is where our sin must be dealt with…the “churchy” term for this is to repent.  Repentance is when you acknowledge in your heart before GOD that you’ve blown it and want & need His forgiveness.

There has never been as great an expression of love as when Jesus went to the cross and died for us…taking on Himself our sin – ours and yours.

When Jesus rose from the grave He put the exclamation mark on His victory!  We get to share in that for all eternity.

We will all face a day where we will die and transition from this existence to the next and it truly comes down to who will you be trusting in at that time…will you be trusting in yourself and what kind of life you’ve led, the things you’ve done or not done?  Or, will you be trusting in GOD and what He has done for you through Christ?

We’ve done nothing to deserve GOD’s love…we’ve done nothing to merit the blessings He pours into our lives…and yet, here we are in the full knowledge of just how much He does love us…we call that very, very Good News 🙂