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That word may be the least favorite word heard by the parents of many teenagers. It usually comes with a certain sarcastic inflection, rolled eyes, and a turned back. There may not be a single word that causes more feelings of disrespect and anger. Those feelings are very understandable though they often cause an overreaction …

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dug squirrel

I’m easily distracted…for those familiar with the movie Up…I am Dug – “Squirrel!”  In those very rare moments where I seem to have been forced to settle in and be still (Psalm 46:10) I am very thankful that God speaks to me (prayer, music, creation and most of all His Word).  I’ll admit that I …

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Disappointment…the unwelcome visitor

Just about didn’t write this and frankly haven’t had the inspiration to write anything after a fairly serious season of disappointment and mild depression. A brother in the faith and one of my pastor-mentors I think called me out on the idea of NOT putting this to “paper”…here goes… Disappointments…we all experience them. Some of …

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