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Identity = who someone is Vocationally I spend a good deal of my time around efforts that are focused on whether people are who they claim to be. It’s an interesting field of endeavor…after all, what makes us – us? In my experience people tend to see themselves, their identity, wrapped up in three things: …

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Equal Sized Souls

I don’t have to agree with your beliefs, your worldview, your actions to still deeply and genuinely want the very best for you and your life. Obviously there are many people in my life that would feel the same way about me…and I’m grateful. I cannot tell you what makes that possible inside of them…I …

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Disappointment…the unwelcome visitor

Just about didn’t write this and frankly haven’t had the inspiration to write anything after a fairly serious season of disappointment and mild depression. A brother in the faith and one of my pastor-mentors I think called me out on the idea of NOT putting this to “paper”…here goes… Disappointments…we all experience them. Some of …

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Christian Passover???

  In the Old Testament, God instituted a religious calendar for the Israelites to follow. Within each year there were seven specified feasts (Leviticus 23) four in the spring and three each fall. Through these feasts, the Jewish people celebrated their history, their faith, and the blessings of God. Through Jesus’ life, the hope of …

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Grace DOES win every time

I’m always excited at this time of year. The answer? Easter. No, not the pagan holiday that was high jacked by the church that celebrated a fertility goddess…when I say Easter the overwhelming majority of the western world, at least, understands that I mean the most spectacular, most meaningful, most important event ever to happen …

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